if not now, when?

Change often feels impossible when you're feeling stuck or exhausted with how your life and relationships are going. You may imagine there is something wrong with you for feeling this way or that you should "just deal with it" alone, and sharing your true feelings with friends and family is not possible. I believe when you're struggling with something, it often means there's an opportunity waiting to be realized.

My goal is to help you explore that opportunity, and find a path from where you are right now to where you want to be in the future. I know, both professionally and from personal experience, that you can move through painful periods in life and in the process find clarity about the kind of life you truly want for yourself.


Today is a brave new day and I'm here to walk with you as you take

the first step to transform your life.


  • Are you feeling stuck at home, at work or in your life generally?

  • Are you aware of aspects of you that feel uncomfortable or undesirable?

  • Are you having trouble with the difficult people in your life?

  • Are you in the midst of a major life transition such as a relocation, a loss of a loved one, an illness, or a life-threatening event?

  • Have you recently or are you about to: marry, separate, divorce, re-marry, become a parent or a step-parent?

  • Are you considering ethical non-monogamy or need help managing it?

  • Have you moved from another country to live in the US and are you adjusting to the American culture?

  • Are you curious about what your vocation is?

  • Are you in the process of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and need support?

  • Have you had an experience in the past with psychadelic substances such as MDMA, magic mushrooms, or ayahuasca, and are looking to understand it better and integrate it into your life?


Through our work together in counseling, you will gain deeper insight into who you are and what drives your choices.

we will uncover and understand your old self-destructive patterns and behaviors and find ways to replace them with new, healthier ways of being.

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Maggie Furniss, LPC, NCC, BCC

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