“Maggie’s presence as a counselor is so inviting and warm; whether I’ve been energized or down, excited or distraught, certain or confused, she’s been a constant source of support, while simultaneously finding ways to challenge me and help me grow. I’ve been Maggie’s client for two years; she really has changed my life. The work we do is often challenging, but because of it, I know myself and my particular traits and beliefs more than I could have before, and I believe in myself and my strengths and gifts even more so.”
“Working with Maggie has taught me the importance of being honest with myself and living life a little more bravely - and it has paid off.”
“Maggie has helped me work through trauma and relational complications from it. She has been helpful in dealing with my codependency and has been a supportive person I feel comfortable talking to. I have appreciated her willingness to challenge me when I need it and help me move towards healthier relationships and express my feelings.”
“Maggie is attentive and inquisitive. She has the ability to ask thought-provoking questions and give well-timed counsel. I learned a tremendous amount from our conversations and recall her advice to this day.”
“I tended to avoid conflict at all costs. Through Maggie’s focused and attentive listening, insightful questions, and non-judgmental demeanor, I have been able to work through old family patterns, identify some of the sources of the hostility I was experiencing (both real and perceived) and initiate healthier ways to handle conflict. As a result, it feels so much better to be in my skin! I feel so much more freedom, courage, and peace.”
“It has been such a blessing to work with Maggie. I appreciate that she gives me “homework” sometimes. This can be anything from listening to a podcast, checking out a program, or acknowledging where in my body my anxiety manifests. I also appreciate that she is not judgmental, will laugh with me, and is forward and honest when I need it. The most life-changing aspect of our work together is learning to take control of my life by acting instead of reacting to my anxiety and life’s challenges.”
“After having seen several therapists and deciding counseling was simply not for me, I met with Maggie. I was a closeted, unhappy, insecure gay man. Maggie not only created the first safe placed I’d known in my life, but also provided the perspective and tools that empowered me to embrace my identity, create happiness, and find security. If you’re hesitant to try counseling for any reason, I cannot recommend therapy with Maggie enough.”
“I came to counseling because of all the anxiety I had regarding “the future” - jobs, relationships, moving, money... Working with Maggie helped me process a lot of this anxiety. We never “arrived” at any hard answers to my many questions regarding the future, yet our work together proved to help greatly! I have been challenged to embrace the uncertainty and ambiguity of life, as well as “prototype” my future. I found that the many exercises we did to “map out” my anxious thoughts was helpful. Some of this “mapping” included creating lists or writing out little details associated with stress-inducing tasks. Maggie is very empathic and a great listener. I always felt very comfortable disclosing things about my life when seeing her. My overall counseling experience has certainly generated positive changes.”
“Working with Maggie has been a wonderful experience. She creates a safe and professional atmosphere in which you can explore past or current events, or just work on becoming a better you. The work I have done with Maggie as allowed me to continue to grow as a person and I have come away with my session with practical advice, tips, and plans to tackle complicated person situation.”
“A series of anxiety attacks was what drove me to Maggie in the first place—she started our sessions by focusing on the physical manifestations of my issues and worked up and out from there. I’ve learned the difference between giving myself credit and giving myself grace. I’ve expanded my vocabulary and become more creative when it comes to self-care (I work in ministry, which I feel makes this extra important).”